Monthly theme - January 2021 - Windows

The window has a special place in photography. It can be as an optical element in front of the lens, add an abstraction to the image or used as an accessory. The window can be white or dark, open or closed, broken or peeling. It is an important source of light. The light through the window can be manipulated and add mood to our photos. In general, the window is a whole universe, and if we have many windows, the more opportunities we have to show.

Cover photo Дора Апостолова - dority

The idea behind "Theme of the Month" is to create a gallery with a variety of shots, sharing them with others. To inspire people make photos, to look for inspiration, to learn new things, to communicate.
Calibration scale

Ако не виждате всички степени на скалата мониторът ви не е настроен добре.