Monthly theme - October 2023 - Portrait of a friend

open 01.10.2023 - 05.11.2023

A portrait of a friend can be special in many ways, as it has the potential to capture the essence of your relationship and the unique qualities of your friend's personality. What makes a portrait of a friend special is the thought, effort, and personal meaning you put into it. It should be a reflection of your unique bond and your friend's individuality.

Here are some aspects that can make a portrait of a friend meaningful:

* Emotional Connection: can convey a deep emotional connection between the two of you. It can capture the warmth, trust, and love.

* Personality: capture your friend's personality, quirks, and unique characteristics.

* Memories and Shared Experiences: elements that remind you both of shared memories or experiences.

* Expression and Emotion: facial expression and body language can convey a range of emotions, from happiness and joy to contemplation and vulnerability.

* Storytelling: tell a story about your friend's life journey, interests, and passions.

* Personalized Details: details such as clothing, accessories, or props that are meaningful to your friend.

* Collaborative Process: Involve your friend in the creative process of the portrait.

* Timelessness: A timeless portrait can remain meaningful for years to come.

Cover photo Valentin Ivanov - sValio

The idea behind "Theme of the Month" is to create a gallery with a variety of shots, sharing them with others. To inspire people make photos, to look for inspiration, to learn new things, to communicate. Photos that are not related to the theme, will bw moved to another gallery.
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