Monthly theme - April 2022 - Textures

open 01.04.2022 - 30.04.2022

Textures are one of the hallmarks of great photography. They give character and variety to the image, creating a more dramatic composition.

Textures are important and it's worth looking for such visual elements if you're trying to add dimension and detail to your photos.

We all know that photography is a two-dimensional medium, even when we recreate scenes that are three-dimensional. However, the great texture looks as if you can touch the details and feel the volume of the surface. It's an optical illusion, but it is an important tool in photography. Whether you are looking at tree bark, coral reef or metal surface, there are plenty of textures in the natural world.

The texture provides more information about the object and allows you to represent a specific mood. For example, if you take pictures of an abandoned building with debris and overgrown bushes scattered everywhere, the texture will add a sense of desolation and mystery.

There are several techniques to manipulate the textures:

* Increased contrast - Increasing the contrast enhances the effect of the texture. This can enhance the effect of three-dimensionality.
* Search for repeating elements - people like textures with repeating elements. Another approach is to interrupt a series of repetitive elements or to oppose two types of textures.
* Using lines or curves - It is difficult to evaluate a texture without something that is not texture and opposes it. Smooth lines and curves can draw attention to textured elements of the image, while dividing the frame into sections so that the overall composition is more engaging.

Cover photo Ira Gencheva - arigo

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