Monthly theme - February 2022 - From Above

open 01.02.2022 - 28.02.2022

A scene looks different depending on the angle it's shot from - frontal, from above or from bellow. Our perceptions are affected depending on the position from which we are looking.

Shooting from above a subject allows the viewer to feel superior to the subject or convey a sense of protectiveness of the subject. The object appears smaller and less significant. Such a position is likely to give the viewer the feeling that he is the centre of attention. Something similar to being up on a stage while others watch from the audience.

Show your shots from above or if you haven't taken any, now is the time to try and show the result.

Cover photo: Konstantin Nikolov - kosara

The idea behind "Theme of the Month" is to create a gallery with a variety of shots, sharing them with others. To inspire people make photos, to look for inspiration, to learn new things, to communicate. Photos that are not related to the theme, will bw moved to another gallery.
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