Monthly theme - October 2022 - Mirror

open 01.10.2022 - 05.11.2022

A mirror is a very important accessory in photography. With its help, we can superimpose images, insert additional elements into the frame that are not at all in the direction in which we are shooting, and also make an abstraction that does not exist in nature at all.

Can you think of other uses?
Can you tell a story with mirror and added elements?

I will never forget at one of my first photo clubs, which I attended with Koko Treyman, how we brought a big mirror from Sofia to Pirin mountain, about 70x150 cm. We had so many crazy photos on mountain meadows and peaks. I think we managed to get all the way to Tevno Lake with it.

Cover photo Vladimir Karamazov - vlado79

The idea behind "Theme of the Month" is to create a gallery with a variety of shots, sharing them with others. To inspire people make photos, to look for inspiration, to learn new things, to communicate. Photos that are not related to the theme, will bw moved to another gallery.
Calibration scale

Do you see all degrees clearly? If not, calibrate your monitor.