Monthly theme - April 2021 - Low point of view

open 01.04.2021 - 05.05.2021

Many people smile when they see a photographer lying on the ground or in another low position. Sometimes this is the only way to see things through the lens from a lower point of view than our eyes. And people prefer photos that show different angle from the one we are used to in everyday life. This makes things look unusual, more interesting and eye-catching.

Show what interesting you can shoot while lying on the ground!

Now imagine that your camera has a rotating display, just like that of the Canon EOS R cameras, with which you can change the angle and position of shooting in a second. You can with just a little effort (and without people pointing and joking with you) look in a way that you would have a hard time imagining before. In this way, the camera becomes a flexible tool that helps you develop your creativity and unusual ideas, to facilitate your work and shooting speed.

Join the Theme of April and you will have the opportunity to win a Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI flash. And why exactly lightning? Because it will help you make compelling shots to take part in the Canon Redline Challenge, a challenge in which the winner will leave with a prize of over 14,000 euros, in the form of Canon equipment and more.

See more about the challenge here.

The gallery will be open for entries until 5.05.2021.

Cover photo: Desislava Ignatova - desiignat

The idea behind "Theme of the Month" is to create a gallery with a variety of shots, sharing them with others. To inspire people make photos, to look for inspiration, to learn new things, to communicate. Photos that are not related to the theme, will bw moved to another gallery.
Calibration scale

Do you see all degrees clearly? If not, calibrate your monitor.